Convert More Leads To Tours And Accelerate The Leasing Process By 50% With The ResMate AI Leasing Assistant

Extraordinary Results and ROI

ResMate,™ powered by Respage, is an AI leasing agent that accelerates and improves leasing results by answering all your chat, phone, text, and email leads and automating follow-up. ResMate gets prospects the answers they are looking for instantly and accurately, saves onsite teams 100+ hours of time per month, and delivers owners better NOI. Learn how our customers are getting a 10x return on their investment in an AI leasing assistant. See if you qualify for a free trial.

Case Study

Metropolitan Management

“Katie (our ResMate AI leasing assistant) made getting through this leasing season manageable. Not only are we 97% leased for the first time in years, we were able to turn off our Google advertising! Using ResMate has been a real game changer for us.” 

Real Results with ResMate
39% Lead-To-Tour Conversion Rate
Real Results with ResMate
Lead-To-Lease Time Reduced by 53%
Real Results with ResMate
Over 100 Hours of Staff Time Saved

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