ResMate™ Features

Automated, AI-Driven Prospect Follow Up

Never miss a prospect

Schedule & complete more tours

Improve lead conversion rates

Shorten lead-to-lease time

Introducing ResMate

ResMate™ is an AI leasing agent that accelerates and improves leasing results by answering all your leasing emails and automating follow-up. Sign up for a free pilot of our AI leasing assistant.

ResMate Chatbot sitting at a desk

What features do you get with ResMate?

  • Instant Replies Prospects gets the answer they need within seconds 24/7/365. Beautifully formatted responses are optimized to convert prospects throughout the funnel.

  • Schedule Tours Instantly Prospects can schedule a tour in just a couple of clicks. No more emailing back and forth! ResMate syncs with many popular CRMs and calendars.

  • Dashboard See exactly what ResMate is saying to your prospects. Be just one click away from using other Respage’s enterprise-grade products.

  • Reporting See how much time you are saving as well as important KPIs at a glance.

  • Chatbot and Texting Only ResMate includes a fully integrated AI Chatbot that uses Natural Language Processing and unlimited texting for no extra charge.

Why Use Respage?

Results You Can Expect

  • Respond to all prospects within seconds
  • Schedule more tours
  • Improve your apartment lead to conversion rate
  • Shorter lead-to-lease time by 50%
  • Save your leasing agents 2-3 hours a day
  • Give your prospects the instant answers they want

ResMate Implementation and Support

  • Easy to Implement & No Training Required: Comes with everything required to start using immediately, including content, templates & a pre-installed follow-up schedule
  • Customizable: Persona, content, templates, follow-up schedule, tagging & tour scheduler are all customizable
  • Built on 4 Years of NLP Training: An extension of the Respage Chatbot, the industry’s first AI chatbot – built by Multifamily experts & trained on millions of conversations
  • Best in the Business Onboarding and Ongoing Customer Support: Personal & hands-on change management support is available for your teams